Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Concept Ideas

Well after a long pause from this site and trying to work on ideas for my house (no luck yet) I've decided to just post my current drawings of my Hansel, Gretel, and the Witch i've done.

Please note for most of the concepts I have only drawn the arms on one side of their body, for I didn't want to cover up anything on my first trials of each character concept


- I'm going to work on other versions of this ant, one with a smaller head and one who is obese so I have the variations and I'm not stuck with just a skinny Hansel


Nothing to really say about my Gretel, I'm content with her but I might try different hair styles and maybe change her dress.


Might make a version of the Witch more hairier like a Tarantula or very smooth and shinny but pure black like a black widow, and potentially look up the body time of a burrower spider.

The first of the semester

Ok lets get started here
After my long delay of not updating everything i'm going to throw everything I've been working on up on the board so lets commence:

1. The initial idea:
- So when Brian told us about the project the main idea that jumped into my mind was a somewhat twisted story of Hansel and Gretel. Being that this story does come from a dark descent I wanted to somewhat honor that, so my mind raced over the ideas how to make it creepy and then it hit me: BUGS!
- Now the look i had in mind wasn't no "A Bug's Life" ordeal or the more realistic "Antz" because well I felt both these children's movies were way to Humanized and therefore took a lot of the creepiness out from them. So how did I make them creepy yet human like? Easy I thought keep life like bug faces.
- This led me to my research phase which was simple enough go to google and search what bug i wanted. Being that I had to choose a bug that would make someone's skin crawl I searched up ants and examined their little faces and bodies, as they were my Hansel and Gretel.
- Next I had to incorporate the witch into my scheme. Which actually was simple enough as I was thinking of how to do the house and the idea of spider web holding it together was perfect. Leading my little lovely witch to be a spider.

2. Research
- Research was easy enough as stated above i just Googled everything, so here are some examples of the reference i found and used:
- Hansel & Grethel:

- Next was the witch, who i actually took a number of different spiders and referenced them
- Witch:

- Next was pretty much I needed clothing for my characters so first I got the funny idea of Hansel and Grethel in lederhosen and this is some reference I found
- Lederhosen:

- Now was witchy's turn, and what better clothing for her to wear then some old fashion pioneer dress, because let's face it she's living alone and has no fashion sense to help her.
- Pioneer Dress:

And there you have it my initial idea phase and my references. I'm going to stop this post before it becomes to long and start a new one for my initial drawing ideas for my characters.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Post

Hi and welcome to my blog, I am currently thinking of ideas and will post them soon.